Planting Cucumbers

We helped plant cucumber seedlings at our friend’s farm in Kamisato, Saitama Prefecture. There were about eight of us, and we planted approximately 2,000 cucumber seedlings ordered from the main southern island of Kyushu.

The greenhouse was warm and humid (about 30 degrees Celsius). Each row was covered in plastic, and had a holes for planting. One person went up and down the rows placing the seedlings near the holes. Someone else then removed the plastic pots, and planted the seedlings in each hole. It took about two hours with eight people working.

plant: 植える   cucumber seedlings: キュウリの苗  eight of us: 8人   approximately: おおよそ greenhouse: ビニールハウス/温室  warm and humid: 暖かい、湿度か高い   Celsius: 摂氏   row: 列  holes:  穴  up and down: (列を)往復する remove: 外す plastic pots:  プラスチック鉢

planting Planting a cucumber seedling.

greenhouseRows of cucumbers in the greenhouse.

cucumber plantFreshly planted seedling.


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