Taiko Concert

This Wednesday, February 11th was a national holiday in Japan. National Founding Day, or “Kenkoku Kinen no Hi” in Japanese, celebrates the ancient founding of Japan by the first Emperor Jimmu.

This year, I went to see a free taiko concert held by the local “Fujioka Shimin Daiko” group. As usual, their performance was excellent, and a testament to how much work and effort they must put into their practices.

I watched from the back of the auditorium, but even there the force of the rhythmical beating of the drums was powerful.


national holiday:  祝日  founding: 建国  ancient: 古代の  emperor: 天皇

held by: 〜により開催された performance: 演奏   a testament to: 〜の証

work and effort: (練習)と努力   back of the auditorium: ホールの奥

force: 力  rhythmical: 律動的  beat: たたく  powerful:  力強い

Taiko ConcertBefore the show

Fujioka Taiko ConcertPerforming a song



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