Tokyo in January

We went to Tokyo again a few days into the new year. This time, we stayed in Shinjuku. We enjoyed eating American style pizza and Mexican food on our first day. On our second day, we went up to the observation deck of the Tokyo Skytree, which was completed in May of 2012. The line to buy tickets was about 35 minutes long. The view from the top was impressive, but unfortunately the sky was a little bit hazy. We couldn’t see Mt. Fuji at first, but as the sun began to set, Mt. Fuji showed itself for a short while.

This time: 今回   observation deck: 展望台  completed: 完成した  line: 行列 impressive: 印象的/素晴らしい  unfortunately: 残念ながら   a little bit: 少し   hazy: (空が)霞んでいる  set:  沈む(日没)  show itself: 姿を見せる a short while:  短い間

Shinjuku A beer and liquor delivery truck in Shinjuku.

Skytree 1 Hazy skyline as seen from Tokyo Skytree.

Skytree 2Sunset from Tokyo Skytree with Mt. Fuji in the background.


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