Tokyo Trip

We went to Tokyo last weekend for the first time in six months. We visited Yabo Tenmangu Shrine in Kunitachi City, some shops in Kichijo-ji City, and stayed overnight next to the Prime Minister’s residence in Chiyoda Ward. The Ginko leaves were very vibrant and beautiful set against the backdrop of a bright blue sky!

for the first time in~: ~ぶりに stay overnight: 一泊する Prime Minister: 総理大臣

residence: 家・住居 (総理官邸)vibrant: 色鮮やか backdrop: 背景

DSC_2654-1Ginko Trees in Chiyoda Ward.

DSC_2601-1Yabo Tenmangu Shrine in Kunitachi City.


Young boy in Kichijo-ji City. “I want a smartphone too!”


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