Arches National Park

We visited Arches National Park (アーチーズ国立公園), in eastern Utah near the city of Moab, Utah. This national park is famous for its unique geography and natural rock formations, of which the arches are the most well-known. It is a large park (310 square km), and we spent three days exploring the area. In addition to the rock formations, you can find dinosaur tracks, and petroglyphs carved into the stone by the Native Americans who lived here long ago.

eastern Utah: ユタ州の東部   unique geography: 珍しい地形

natural rock formations: 自然にできた岩層   well-known: 広く知られた

square km:平方キロメートル  exploring: 散策する  in addition to: 〜に加え

dinosaur tracks: 恐竜の足跡   petroglyphs: 岩面彫刻

Delicate ArchThe famous Delicate Arch.

Arches National Park TreeTwisted Tree in Arches National Park.


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