Bird Cafe

Pet cafes are fairly common in Japan. Since housing in Japan tends to be small, and because many apartments do not allow people to keep pets, animal lovers go to pet cafes to relax, and enjoy the company of animals. While cat cafes are well-known, there are also pet cafes that feature rabbits, reptiles, and birds. We went to a bird cafe in Omotesando, Tokyo. The birds were bright, colorful, and cute…but they were loud!

fairly common: やや一般的   housing: 住宅

tends to be~: ~の傾向にある   do not allow: 禁止する・許されない

the company of~: ~と一緒にいる・共に過ごす

well-known: 有名・知られている

reptiles: 爬虫類    loud: うるさい

Bird 1Resting bird.

Bird 2“Hello there!”


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