Cherry Trees and Dogwoods

103 years ago, in 1912, the mayor of Tokyo presented the city of Washington D.C. with a gift of approximately 3,000 cherry trees. The trees traveled by ship to Seattle, from where they made the journey to the capital, Washington D.C.

Three years later, in 1915, the American government sent 60 dogwood trees (40 white, and 20 pink) as a reciprocal gift of friendship. Dogwood trees are known as “hanamizuki” in Japanese, and are popular due to the fact that they are hardy, and bloom shortly after the cherry trees have lost their blooms.

This year marks the centennial of the original gift of dogwood trees. The post office has issued special stamps to commemorate this occasion.

Dogwood Hanamizuki Stamp

Special stamps celebrating the Centennial (1915-2015)

presented: 贈った   approximately: およそ    made the journey: 旅をした

capital: 首都     dogwood trees: ハナミズキ  reciprocal gift: お返しの贈り物

due to the fact that: と言うことにより    hardy:  丈夫 

centennial: 100周年     issued special stamps:  記念切手を発行する  

commemorate: 記念する

Dogwood HanamizukiA pink Dogwood (Hanamizuki) in Fujioka City


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